SANTOKU - Multi Purpose Knife

  • The traditional Japanese multi-purpose knife.
  • Cutting fish, meat and vegetables.
  • Comparable to a western chef’s knife.

NAKIRI - Vegetable Knife

  • The traditional Japanese vegetable knife.
  • Mainly for cutting of all kinds of vegetables.
  • Although it looks like a cleaver it is not for cutting bones.

DEBA - Traditional Japanese cleaver.

  • Knife with asymmetric blade.
  • Solid and heavy knife with a strong, broad blade.
  • The front part of the blade is mainly used for filleting fish.
  • The rear part of the blade is stronger and well-suited for chopping e.g. chicken and fish bones.

YANAGIBA - Willow leaf blade

  • The traditional Japanese slicing knife.
  • The narrow, long blade is especially suited for cutting extremely thin slices, particularly
    good for Sushi and Sashimi.
  • The knife guarantees both an elaborate and clean smooth cut.
  • The length and shape of the edge allows a long draw cut.