Kai SHUN Original - Made in Japan

I am often asked this question by our loyal & would-be fans so decided to write this article to keep you informed.

There is ongoing activity in South Africa & around the World by importers of Chinese copies of Kai Shun Damascus knives at discounted prices. These so-called “phantom brands” are registered in Japan & made in China , the country responsible for 70% of the World’s counterfeit goods.

The key thing to look out for on the knife blade is , if it doesn’t say
HANDCRAFTED IN JAPAN then it is NOT Made in JAPAN simple as that.

Though the appearance of the COPY CATS are similar to Shun Damascus knives, there are significant differences in both quality and performance*

Whatever chef knife brand you may choose to fit your budget, I would advise you to know what your are getting . Rather invest in a single great quality chefs knife, than be hoodwinked into buying a set of COPY CAT knives trading of the performance & goods looks of others.

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