Michel BRASis the creation of the chef and artist, Michel Bras, and the craftsmanship of KAI Japan.

When the President of the Kai Group, Koji Endo, met Michel Bras, he was attracted by the lively curiosity and depth of insight of this man who seemed to embody all the virtues of an ancient sage. From their first encounter Endo knew that he wanted to create knives that would live up to the inspired cuisine of this exceptional chef.

Michel Bras had a similar reaction when he visited an international trade fair and held in his hands the knives manufactured by KAI. From that moment he knew that with such a partner his ideal of perfection was within reach.

Thus was born a partnership between two men dedicated to the project of making knives that would meet their rigorous standards of craftsmanship combining the knife making techniques & heritage of the Laguiole region of France with Seki region of Japan.
The result is the Michel BRAS collection of knives inspiring exceptional chefs & enthusiasts the world over.

Strong and flexible three-layered titanium coated blade

The Michel BRAS blade is produced in three layers: a hard stainless steel sandwiched between two layers of a more flexible stainless steel. This makes for better resistance and durability. Furthermore, a titanium coating has been added to enhance its anti-oxidation properties. The matt satin finish makes for a beautiful and sober appearance.

This exceptional KAI range is planned to be launched in SA in the future … be inspired Michel BRAS