AP188 KAI Electric Knife Sharpener

This highly-rated compact electric knife sharpener is designed for Kai’s premium double-blade knifes including all damascus ranges - Shun & Premier. It features a replaceble cartridge. This is priced at R995 when purchased on-line with a one of our Shun & Premier premium chefs knives.

KAI ELECTRIC SHARPENER The easier solution is Kai’s new electric sharpener is specialy designed to care for your knives. It has a compact product design, is lightweight of only 875 g and has a newly developed sharpening unit with two pairs of ceramic grinding stones with a replaceable cartridges. Its dimensions fit every kitchen. The power cable can be stored in the casing; a cover protects the sharpening unit against dirt. Finger moulds and non-slip feet ensure a secure hold.

Because the two pairs of grinding stones are mounted one behind the other, two operations can be done simultaneously. The first pair, of coarse grinding stones, restores the blunt edge; the second pair, of fine stones, polishes the edge to a fine and clean finish.